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We always focus to provide an effective outsourcing solution by choosing the best process cycle.



Business Owners Face a Real Problem Today

But there is good news. There’s a solution – WeSage BPM

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We provide an Extensive Outsourcing Service!

Grow your Business with an Offshore Team!

WeSage BPM (Business Process Outsourcing) can help you meet the changing needs of your business. Thousands of businesses have embraced outsourcing to:

Free up time to focus on core tasks

Free up staff time to focus on more challenging work and client care

Resolve talent gaps, reduce costs

Our high-quality service is reliable and flexible giving you a cost-effective way to complete routine tasks without the costly overhead associated with employing staff in-house.


How our client improved profitability without increasing staff overheads

How we freed up our clients’ time to focus on strategic initiatives

How Sage BPM increased our client’s customer satisfaction score to over 80%

How Sage BPM helps a client bring down the word error rate to JUST 0.04 from 0.16?

We are trusted by the world's top companies!

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Outsource compliance and admin tasks to us for cost reduction, expertise, efficiency, and scalability. Focus on your core business while we handle coverage, claims, and customer queries.

Accounting Firms

To tackle rising competition and talent retention challenges, accountants are increasingly outsourcing routine tasks to offshore teams, enabling a focus on improving business outcomes, operational efficiency, technology adoption, and bottom-line growth.

Vacation rental companies

There is a clear gap in communication with guest/customers and a complete lack of effciency processes, system and tools. We help you improve the customer experience.


Your clients want you to focus on their health. Our back-offices services for the healthcare sector help you provide better care at a lower cost.


The integration of data across silos is essential to unlock a 360 degree view of the customer. We have the customer solutions you need to respond.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is integrated into our daily lives. For AI companies, ongoing tech evolution is crucial. Data labeling, occupying 50-80% of AI development time, is a pivotal step in this journey.

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