How we freed up our clients’ time to focus on strategic initiatives



A client is one of the leading providers of continuing education courses for medical professionals seeking to improve their practice skills for the treatment of pelvic floor/girdle dysfunction and numerous other conditions affecting patients' lives.

Business Challenges

They offer more than hundred course events throughout the year. So they were in need of a team to help them manage the events, handle flight, car and hotel booking for instructors in a timely manner. The use their own system/software to assign the tasks. It was important to understand their system and create and publish the events with perfect look and feel. Also, it was critical to take all the registrations data, payments received data and online registrations, and reconcile into accounting books on a daily basis.

How Sage helped?

The Sage BPM team worked closely with the client to understand their system and processes. Also, Sage BPM ensured the knowledge transfer happened effectively among the team. Sage BPM team creates and publishes all the events with accuracy in a timely manner. Sage BPM team directly reaches to the vendors in case of any changes in travel bookings.

With a few weeks, Sage BPM started managing a below mentioned critical to business tasks:

In addition to the website, and travel booking work, we also handle the whole process of taking register Data, Payments received Data, and online registrations, and manipulating that data to populate their accounting books and database accounts with all the correct transactions, contacts, accounts, registrations, waitlist additions. This is a very important process for the client and it really needs to be done every day.

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