Artificial Intelligence

AI is an area which has become a part of our lives. For AI companies, it is critical to keep evolving the technologies.

In order to do that, data labeling is a critical part of the process. Data labeling takes 50-80% of time of the entire AI development process.

The models need to be trained to interpret the data from various forms like image, voice notes, or texts, among many other forms of data. Only after labeling the data, the machines can learn and evolve. Most of the times, the AI technologies need to be updated with correct/updated version of data. Which is why, data labeling is critical or integral part of the technology evolution process. Here’s when we help AI companies with our expertise in data capturing/labeling, data tagging and data validation. We deliver the data ready for the model to trained.

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Not enough people

According to a survey, 23% of AI companies don’t have people to label the data. They feel it is better worth of their team’s time than they working on data capturing, data tagging, etc.

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Lack of expertise

Per MIT Sloan Management Review, 55% of AI teams do not seem to have the expertise of working on data, specific to the project, accurately.

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26% of AI Projects seem to face budget constraints if data labeling done in-house.

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The answer to these challenges is in adding an offshore team who can perform your operational, back-office tasks at 1/2 the cost, freeing you up to drive business outcomes such as improving operational efficiencies, adopting new technologies and increasing the bottom-line.

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