Vacation Rental Management Companies

In order to overcome all the challenges directly affecting the revenues, such companies need to get the back-office and guest communication with an expert team like ours!

Running a short-term property management business has its own set of challenges.

Managing a property requires managers to communicate with guests, homeowner and the hospitality team. To do that, they have to connect too many dots scattered in various areas such as regulations, cleaning, upkeep of the properties, right pricing, marketing and so on.

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Margin Compression

VRMCs are continually seeing the rise in costs for technology, staffing, and marketing, in addition to the cost attached with meeting higher customer expectations.

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Direct & Timely Communication

According to a survey by Guesty, two thirds (64%) of the companies surveyed, over 90% of their bookings involved pre-booking inquiries that require direct communication with the guest, and believe, timely communications with guests have a positive impact on reviews.

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Workforce Instability & Productivity

The cost of hiring, training, and maintaining a hospitality team is greater than before.

We take care of all your admin so you can focus on building client relationships:

The answer to these challenges is in adding an offshore team who can perform your operational, back-office tasks at 1/2 the cost, freeing you up to drive business outcomes such as improving operational efficiencies, adopting new technologies and increasing the bottom-line.

Let us improve your business!

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