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WeSage BPM provides Live chat support to deliver an excellent customer care service to your end customers.

With the huge surge in research, online shopping, and self-service there is a bigger need than ever to provide prospects and customers with a live chat support service channel, especially in cases where they seek assistance online.

WeSage BPM has a wealth of experience in providing live chat answering services for e-commerce websites, small companies, and big enterprises.

Recent studies show, Customers prefer live chat over phone support or any other mode of communication because Live Chat gives flexibility to the prospects and customers to reach out to you with ease, without disturbing their other work at hand. Above all, Live Chat offers instant response and is cost-effective compared to Phone support.

Industry best Live Chat Support Service!

Despite the benefits of Live Chat Support, one study by 99 Firms shows that 21% of live chat requests are left answered, and 47% of consumers haven’t had a positive live chat experience.

Apparently, the root cause of the low stats is the cost, effort and time involved in keeping up the Live Chat Support. Most of Small and Medium business owners find it difficult to have a dedicated customer support team. This is where WeSage BPM can help with the Live Chat Support services.

I am sure, the story of one of our clients, where WeSage BPM increased our client’s customer satisfaction score to over 80% will help you choose Sage BPM for Live Chat Support.

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